Website Development and SEO

Throughout my time in marketing, I have gained experience in web development and management.

Website Development

  1. Designed and developed a user-friendly, interactive website
  2. Trained co-workers on back end to ensure consistency
  3. Built a dynamic website with forms, blogs, listings, event calendars and more
  4. Skilled in:
  5. Wordpress
  6. Elementor
  7. WP Engine
  8. Pixieset


  1. Performing detailed keyword research in order to identify and analyze current market trends
  2. Develop and implement digital marketing strategies that increase the website's ranking, attracting more potential customers to the site
  3. Manage and review listings and website content to ensure it is optimized for best performance/ranking
  4. Using alt text to optimize images and improve website speed
  5. Analyze data and results to indentify trends and insights to improve SEO
  6. Implementing contracted content in a way that is consistent with current flow
  7. Skilled in:
  8. GA4
  9. YoastSEO
  10. Wordpress
  11. All in One SEO

For an example of a website I've built, click HERE.

For an example of a website I manage SEO and content for, click HERE.

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